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Posted by Aniela M. Jan 31,Today we'll teach you how to grow passion fruit, one of the most bountiful backyard crops, that's actually pretty easy to grow! If you've ever eaten a passion fruit, you know how incredibly juicy and sweet and sour it can be, but did you know that passion fruit is also extremely healthy?

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Please contact the nurseries directly to discuss pricing, varietal availability and order timing. All plants are grown for spring delivery and planting in southern areas and summer delivery and planting in northern tropical areas.

Widebay Passionvine Nursery is a professional nursery operation with large volume hothouses, access to large water reserves and the capability to provide tips on-site for some grafted varieties. Please remember to place your orders by 1st March at the latest for same calendar year spring delivery. M: E: peteandsally4 bigpond. P: 02 E: vickinjohn live.

All grafted plants are grown on approved rootstock in mm pots, staked and provided ready to plant. Please remember to place your orders by March at the latest for same calendar year spring delivery.

Megan and her husband Dave are putting the infrastructure in place for a serious nursery business that can now supply up to 15, Sweetheart passionfruit plants each year as well as Lychee, Avocado and Custard Apple trees. At Arbour Grove Nursery, there is already m2 of space inside the brand new hot house sitting on a slab which took 50 cubic metres of concrete to pour and a second hot house in constuction.

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Passionfruit (Passiflora edulis)

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It's always fun to growing your own fruits. It brings lots of joy and happiness when your plant starts bearing fruits. Come and get your passion fruit.


We all believed it. Why would it be called passion fruit? Later on in life I figured out that the best form of seduction is genuine attention. But that, of course, is a completely different story. Stop taking things so literally. Well, in the eyes of a devout Christian missionary they might. The flowers are certainly very unusual. Anyway, the name stuck. Passion fruit comes from a large family that includes several hundred species. Most of them are native to the tropics of South and Central America, Brazil, Mexico, and the West Indies, but there are also species that are native to Australia.

How to grow passion flowers

Much to my dismay, this plant never yielded me one passionfruit! What it gave me was hours of weeding out the suckers from one end of the garden to the next. It was then that I vowed never to get another grafted plant again but grow it from seed instead. So be patient if you try at home! Being a vigorous climbing plant, a passionfruit can take over pretty quickly and can be a pain to keep tidy if left unpruned.

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Weed 'n' Feed. Share your gardening joy! We take the worry out of growing this popular backyard crop with these tips. They need a warm, sunny, sheltered spot with fertile soil and regular water to thrive. Plant a passionfruit vine between spring to early autumn and provide it with a wall or framework to climb on. Water plants well before adding fertiliser then spread it around the base of the stem and along the area where the roots are growing.


Imagine walking in your backyard and pulling a sweet, ripe peach from your tree. You bite into the peach that is slightly warm from the summer sun. It's so juicy you lean forward as the juice drips from the fruit. Rather than having to imagine this make it a reality with help from your local experts at Armstrong Garden Centers. The cooler months allow roots to easily establish and prepare for new spring grown. Plus, planting in winter allows you to take advantage of the winter rain. A dwarf peach tree that's great for home orchards Sweet, yellow freestone, rich peach flavor.

Passiflora edulis. · Climbing to heights of 20 feet each year, the fast growing Passion Fruit plant features a variety of benefits that continue to make it a.

White passion flower

Purple passionfruit is slightly smaller than yellow passionfruit, averaging 5 to 7 centimeters in diameter, and has a round to oval shape with curved ends. The skin is smooth, waxy, and purple to dark red when young, developing darker hues with a leathery, dimpled, and wrinkled consistency with maturity. Underneath the surface, there is a white and spongy, inedible pith encasing a seed cavity. The flesh, also known as the pulp, consists of small and edible black seeds surrounding by a yellow to orange sack that is aqueous, slippery, and succulent.

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Passion fruit is prized for the exotic, citrus-like flavor of its orange pulp. Use the fruit for juice; or cut it in half and eat it from the skin, seeds and all, with a spoon. Most of the commercially produced passion fruit in the U. Purple passion fruit is hardy as far north as Tampa; the others are restricted to south Florida. Purple passion fruit has light yellow-green, tooth-edged leaves with three lobes. White, 2- to 3 inches flowers with white-and-purple crowns bloom in warm weather; rounded or egg-shaped, dark purple fruit to 2 inches long follows in spring and early summer.

Passiflora edulis, commonly known as passion fruit , is a vine species of passion flower native to southern Brazil through Paraguay and northern Argentina. The fruit is a pepo , a type of berry , round to oval, either yellow or dark purple at maturity, with a soft to firm, juicy interior filled with numerous seeds.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. But did you know the fruit comes from a beautiful climbing vine that can create shade, privacy and jazz up an unsightly space? This evergreen perennial is originally from Brazil, but many species feel right at home here in Sydney. If an attractive and practical plant is your thing, the large, glossy leaves, famously beautiful flowers and vigorous, fast growth of the passionfruit plant really does make it a great pick. Botanical name: Passiflora edulis.

Perhaps you have been pondering the mystery of the passion fruit tree? If it is on your must-try list to add to your edible home landscape, then you are in luck. Passion fruit is a perennial, flowering vine from Brazil that climbs by strands or tendrils.

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